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CreRo - A CMS for record labels


Primary place for information is the #crero chatroom on the IRC (Internet Relayed Chat) network. Volunteers to make IRC presence or even willing to pass around information and help people are welcome there.
Ever wanted to create your artist or record label website instead of using a central web service, to provide your catalog to the audience, to sell your merch, fully independtly? CreRo is a robust solution that let you run your own website and get rid of per-transaction fees over sales.

See it working

CreRo has been written to propel Crem Road records website initially. Currently are reported in the yellow pages services the following sites using CreRo : (From yellowpages)
See it working and discover what it can do for your label!

It's open source!

CreRo is open source software licensed under AGPL. You can get the code, distribute it, modify it.

A complete set of feature

With CreRo you can provide your audio for free download or in a streaming-only manner, sell your CDs and other merch (at fixed price, or in the "name your price" fashion for underground anticommercial rebels), get an online radio station showcasing your catalog, manage a fan mailing list, analyze your audience figures in realtime, chat with your visitors in realtime, and much more!

Early stage, alpha feature: sell your music online in digital formats

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Never pay a per-transaction fee anymore

Are your tired to see 15% of your CD sales going to your shop provider? With CreRo you're independent and get the full money, that's it.

A robust and scalable architecture

With its multi-tiers architecture for media serving and various level of optionnal caching, CreRo is able to scale whatever your audience is. You can run the media serving tiers on another physical machine and handle even the higher loads.

Don't waste your time filling forms

Aren't you tired of typing and typing again full tracklisting when publishing an album, while all the necessary information have already been written in the audio file's metadata ? CreRo is fully metadata driven and will automatically build album and track pages straight from the tags in the audio files. Just upload your audio, upload a cover file for this particular album, and you're done.

Interface with's free audio hosting with no pain

Are your running a netlabel? Maybe you cannot afford disk space on your host for your whole catalog? CreRo can talk to's free audio hosting, which is unlimited. Just upload your audio to Clewn and run your CreRo install even on the smallest possible hosting plan!

Full commercial support available

Whatever your needs are, from deployment assistance to specific development, you can get in touch with CreRo's main developer for any commercial support request. Feel free to email